Anything Media Incs. complete line of CD and DVD duplication services include pre-mastering service and verification, mastering, CD or DVD One Offs(CD-Rs, DVD-Rs), label printing, printing for manuals & booklets, packaging and fulfillment.

You can count on Us when you need full service Duplication done right and done fast. We start each project by using high quality media to ensure that you get maximum playback compatibility and quality. For on disc printing, we offer the newest hi-resolution printing technologies which gives your disc and packaging the most professional look possible. Combine that with a variety of packaging and mailing options and the result is a project that you can present to anyone and be proud of it.

Working on a tight schedule? Our standard turn times will have your discs completed in 5 days or less, and Express Service is available in as little as 24 hours.

How Duplication Works:
The process of ‘burning’ audio or data files onto a recordable CD. DVD duplication is the standard in which smaller quantities of CDs or DVDs are manufactured. The process is simpler than CD replication. The pre manufactured blank CDR media is loaded into CDR burners and copied, without having to create any glass master or templates. The information is digitally extracted from the master source (usually a master CD-R or DVD-R) and copied to the blank discs. The information is typically verified and the copy will then be accepted or rejected.


Highly recognized and universally accepted, DVDs have become the standard for viewing content on both large and small screens. Size and flexibility make DVDs the perfect form of portable content

Perfect for direct marketing, a DVD allows you to achieve the undivided attention of your end user, while showcasing your products and services in an easy to use format. Content provided on a physical medium is perceived to have higher intrinsic value than broadcast or streamed content.

DVDs and CDs are ideal for many applications, including Product Demos, Corporate Presentations & Communications, Product Launches, Training, Education, Tradeshows, Interactive Learning and more.