Packaging and shipping your product can be a time consuming and tedious task. Let us take the hassle out of your fulfillment part of the business.

Mediatechnics can take you from concept to delivered package with relative ease. We have the experience and facilities to deliver your professional CD or DVD project to your customers in an expediate and professional manner.

Design, Production and Printing
• Package Labels
• DVD CD Mailers
• Custom Package Development, Printing and Production
• Documentation Printing and Binding
• Private Label Media Packages

Fulfillment and Distribution
• Order Processing
• Demo DVD / CD Mailings
• Inventory Management and Warehousing
• National and International Distribution
• Worldwide Drop Shipments

You take orders on your website or through our shopping cart and with then package and ship them daily to your individual customers. We send them anywhere in the world.

Anything Media is a leading provider of warehousing and fulfillment services and our client service representatives are experts in order processing operations. Combined with our deep knowledge of fulfillment systems and ecommerce integration, Anything Media makes the complex workflow of order processing seamless, cost-effective and most importantly stress-free. We’re here to provide you with innovative solutions that will facilitate the most efficient workflow and help your business save both time and money.


Orders shipped within 48 hours
Returns processed within 48 hours
Inventory received on shelves within 48 hours
Rush shipping available same day
Order Pick Accuracy
Fax and Mail Orders service available