The replication of a CD or DVD utilizes the glass mastering principal. A glass master is made and then all the "daughters" of the master are produced and then silk-screened. This method is the type that is used for store bought CDs and DVDs.

DVD-Video authoring and premastering, including video & audio encoding, graphics creation & editing, subtitles, menus, navigation, title proofing and transfer to DLT or DVD-R "authoring" or Portable USB Hard Drive.

We also offers a range of DVD & HD-DVD Replication services for DVD:
Glass mastering of DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, and/or DVD-Audio from your source data on DLT or DVD-R, with optional copy protection where appropriate.

• DVD-5 (4.7 GB single sided)
• DVD-9 (8.5 GB, dual layer)
• DVD-10 (9.4 GB double sided)
• HD-DVD-15 (15 GB single layer)
• HD-DVD-30 ( 30 GB dual layer)
• 80mm (Mini) Disc DVD's & HD-DVD's

All discs are inspected for defects and measurements taken from samples to ensure that the highest quality standards are maintained. The first discs replicated are bit-for-bit tested with the original and also inserted into several DVD players and drives to test functionality.

DVD & HD-DVD Replication Label printing:
Every replication disc comes with up to 5 colors using high quality silk-screen printers or Offset printing. UV cured inks allows a high quality, durable label to be added to any DVD Replication. Artwork for disc labels can be created or modified at Mediatechnics using Macintosh or PC software packages.


Highly recognized and universally accepted, DVDs have become the standard for viewing content on both large and small screens. Size and flexibility make DVDs the perfect form of portable content

Perfect for direct marketing, a DVD allows you to achieve the undivided attention of your end user, while showcasing your products and services in an easy to use format. Content provided on a physical medium is perceived to have higher intrinsic value than broadcast or streamed content.

DVDs and CDs are ideal for many applications, including Product Demos, Corporate Presentations & Communications, Product Launches, Training, Education, Tradeshows, Interactive Learning and more.